Omar Khaled
Co-Founder - CEO

Gamecracy's Vanguard -I play games, watch esports, analyse the gaming market and  I don't need a team to start a team fight.

Khalil Mishari

Full time gamer dad, Many years of gaming and many more to come.
We change the community, the community can't change us.

Emilie Braun
Creative Otter
Mohamed Hamdy
The Secret Agent
Im L, I like reading, solving mysteries and playing chess from time to time, I have a good crazy taste of music, I like cats and i'm a hardcore gamer.
Mohamed El-Ramly
Content Writer, Illidan after working hours

Im a gamer who likes to write about gaming , make computer builds also a begginer programmer.

Esraa Zidan
Content Writer

Gamer girl, psycho but cute, 25 years old, Dreamer, Otaku, Playing games with friends, I love helping people. You can call me Ice.

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