When is the minecraft mob vote

The Minecraft mob vote is a way for players to vote on the next mob in the upcoming Minecraft update. The most recent one was called “The Witching Hour”, and it incorporated zombies, skeletons, and witches. The next one will be based around dinosaurs!

What time is the Minecraft mob vote?

Every year, the Minecraft mob vote is held on May 1st. The first of May is known as “May Day,” which is celebrated worldwide by many different cultures and religions. It’s also recognized as International Labor Day in many countries around the world.

This date has been chosen for its significance to players who enjoy building things in Minecraft—it’s a chance for them to come together and decide what mobs should be added next!

Is there a Minecraft mob vote?

Yes, there is a Minecraft mob vote. It’s a vote for the next mob to be added to the game and with over 25 million players across all platforms [1], that’s no small feat. The winning mob will be added in an update within six months of being selected at Minecon 2019!

This year marks the fourth annual Minecraft Mob Vote — and it’s sure to be filled with surprises as we see what mobs make it through to compete against each other for their chance in becoming part of Minecraft history!

Who won the 2021 Minecraft mob vote?

The allay, a nether mob, has won the Minecraft mob vote and will be added to the game. The allay is a quadrupedal creature that has a light grey body with stripes on its back. It has orange stripes around its eyes, which are also orange in color, and it has black horns on top of its head. The allay can be tamed using bones, but only if you have an iron sword or better equipped with you. Once tamed, an allay can carry items for you while riding them!

The allay is not just useful when riding them though—they have many uses since they come from the nether where they roam freely without getting attacked by other mobs (unless provoked). So if you’re looking for some valuable resources like glowstone dust or diamonds then look no further than your local nether portal!

Did the allay win the mob vote?

We can now say that the allay won the mob vote. The allay is a new mob with a unique appearance that was added in 2021, and it has been described by Mojang as “a peaceful, curious creature that lives alone or in small herds.” It is a combination of cow and pig features.


The Minecraft mob vote is an annual voting event that takes place in April. It allows users to vote for their favorite Minecraft mob and decide which one will be added to the game. The allay won the 2021 Minecraft mob vote, beating out 14 other options including the lion and moglin. However, this wasn’t just because it was voted for by users but also because its design had been fully approved by Mojang before the competition began so there weren’t any worries about copyright issues like there were with some other candidates.

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