When is multiversus coming out xbox

The Xbox One is one of the most popular consoles on the market. It has an amazing library of games, some of which are exclusive to Xbox. But not all games on this list are console exclusives (like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey). Some are only available for PCs and other platforms but have versions coming to consoles soon or even already released for them.

Is MultiVersus coming to Xbox?

Yes, MultiVersus is coming to Xbox. The game will be available on Xbox in 2020. It’s currently slated for release in 2021, but if you want to be the first person to play it, then sign up for a beta key!

Multiple versions of the game are being developed simultaneously and we are working with our partners to bring them out as soon as possible. In addition, we want each version of MultiVersus to offer unique modes and features that make it stand out from the others. We hope you’ll share your thoughts about this approach with us!

Is MultiVersus free?

MultiVersus is a free-to-play game. You can play without paying. You can also pay for more content and features, but you don’t have to.

There are four kinds of in-game purchases:

  • Unlocking new characters faster than normal, with fewer experience points needed to level them up. Example: A character normally costs 10,000 EXP to unlock and level up; this purchase reduces that amount by 80%.
  • Unlocking new characters permanently (as opposed to temporarily). Example: A character normally costs 10,000 EXP to unlock and level up; this purchase removes the cost entirely.
  • Unlocking more stages or arenas (maps) permanently (as opposed to temporarily). Example: There are currently three maps available; with this purchase you get access to all nine stages at once instead of having them unlocked one by one as you progress through the game’s story mode–but only if there are nine maps total!

How do I get MultiVersus for free?

If you want to get MultiVersus for free, follow these simple steps:

  • Get started with a free trial of Xbox Live Gold membership (if you haven’t already)
  • Log into your account on Xbox One or Windows 10 PC and download the game from the Microsoft Store
  • Once downloaded, start playing right away!

Is MultiVersus a smash clone?

No, MultiVersus is not a smash clone. It’s a free-to-play competitive multiplayer game that can be played on the Xbox.

MultiVersus is a fast-paced, action-packed multi-player game where you control soccer balls with different abilities and use them to knock your opponents off the stage. There are more than 25 unique characters to choose from, each with their own special moves and powers that make them stand out from each other. Each character has their own backstory as well as an ability called “Ultimate Attack”. This ability allows them to do something different in order for you to win against your opponent(s) quickly!

The gameplay itself takes place on floating platforms around which players battle until one person remains standing–or falls into oblivion (aka: dies). There are multiple stages available where players can duke it out across different environments like grassy fields or sandboxes just waiting to have someone kick them into oblivion…again!


The answer is yes. MultiVersus is a smash-style clone that has been confirmed as a free game on Xbox One by its developer. The game will be released sometime in April of 2019 and will feature online multiplayer as well as local play against AI opponents. MultiVersus is a multiplayer game that allows players to battle each other in various stages.

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