Is PUBG new state free

PUBG New State, the latest version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is just around the corner. To mark the launch of PUBG New State, we’ve put together our guide to everything you need to know about it. So whether you’re wondering when PUBG New State is coming out or you want to know how much it will cost or if there are any mobile restrictions – we’ve got all the answers here!

How do I get into PUBG New State?

To get into the PUBG New State, you will have to download it. There are several versions of the game that you can choose from:

  • PC version (requires Windows 7 or later)
  • Mobile version (requires iOS 11 or later or Android 5.0+)

If you already have a copy of PUBG installed on your computer, updating it means replacing what’s there with the newer version. This is usually a simple process of downloading as many files as necessary and double-clicking them in order to install them. However, if this doesn’t work for whatever reason—for example because your system isn’t compatible with the newest update—you’ll need to manually uninstall old software before starting over with fresh downloads.

How much is PUBG in new state?

PUBG has become much more than a battle royale game. Now it’s also a social hub, where you can enjoy other people’s company and play games with them.

But what if you want to play by yourself? You don’t have to! There are plenty of ways that you can still entertain yourself when playing alone or with friends in the new state of PUBG (PUBG New State). For example, there are skins and emotes that you can buy for your character. There are also crates that contain cosmetic items from which you can choose one item per crate purchase. If this isn’t enough variety for your taste, then maybe a pass will be! A pass gives players access to exclusive rewards such as crates, coins and keys—and even gives them one chance each week at winning an exclusive cosmetic item like an outfit or weapon skin!

Is PUBG New State mobile only?

Are you interested in playing PUBG New State on a mobile device? Good news! PUBG New State is available on both iOS and Android devices. You can play anywhere, anytime.

The game is free to download and play, so you don’t need to pay anything to experience the excitement of battle royale gameplay.

Is PUBG New State better than cod?

PUBG New State is a lot more realistic than cod. If you think about it, there are so many things that make pubg better than cod. For example, the graphics are much better in PUBG New State and it has better controls as well. It also has more realistic shooting, sound effects and gameplay. The weapons in PUBG New State are more realistic than those used in other games like Call of Duty so if you want something that’s closer to real life combat then I would recommend this game for you!


PUBG New State is a free game to play online, so you can experience the thrill of battle royale without spending any money. The game has many new features and improvements over PUBG Mobile, but it’s still very similar in terms of gameplay. If you enjoyed PUBG Mobile or Fortnite Battle Royale before them then we recommend checking out PUBG New State!

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