Does iqoo 7 support 90fps in pubg

The IQOO 7 is an advanced gaming console that’s built to give you an immersive experience. This product supports 90fps streaming in PUBG, so you get all the advantages of playing on a high-performance device without sacrificing gameplay quality. The IQOO 7 also provides 60hz streaming for other games and apps, which is more than enough for most gamers’ needs in terms of performance and responsiveness.

Which PUBG phone has 90fps?

The iQOO 7 is a PUBG phone from Xiaomi. It’s made by the same team that brought you the very popular Redmi K20 Pro, but it has significantly better specs and performance than its predecessor.

The iQOO 7 comes with three different models: regular, pro, and plus. The first two have 90fps screens while the latter has 120fps.

If you’re looking for an excellent PUBG mobile phone that can handle high FPS (frames per second), then this is your device!

Is iQOO 7 best for gaming?

If you’re new to the world of gaming, finding the best phone for your needs can be a bit of a challenge. While it’s true that almost any modern smartphone will serve as an adequate gaming device and even offer some perks like longer battery life or better performance, there are still some devices that are particularly adept at the task.

This is where the iQOO 7 comes in. Weighing just 153 grams and featuring a 6.4-inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels (Full HD+), this smartphone is an excellent choice for anyone looking for something on the smaller side but still able to handle most games without much trouble – provided they have enough space on their device to do so in the first place!

How can I check my FPS in iQOO 7?

To check your FPS, go to Settings > Performance > Display. Tap on Frame Rate and choose among the following:

  • 90 fps (the maximum)
  • 60 fps (the recommended setting)
  • 30 fps (the minimum)

If you want to turn it off completely, tap OFF.

What are the disadvantages of iQOO 7?

While the iQOO 7 has a lot of advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. The first one is the screen resolution. It’s only 1080p, which is not that good considering many other phones in this price range have higher resolutions. Another disadvantage is that the camera isn’t great either; it doesn’t have dual cameras and also lacks portrait mode or any other advanced feature. The battery life isn’t great either and lasts for only 2-3 days with moderate usage including gaming and web browsing. On top of all these things, you will also miss out on some basic functions such as fast charging or wireless charging because they aren’t included with the phone!


I think iQOO 7 has a good performance in PUBG and other games. If you are interested in buying this phone, I recommend that you choose the version with 128GB storage and 6GB RAM. The price is only about 699 yuan ($105), so you don’t have to worry about cost issues.

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