Do pubg need ps plus

PUBG is one of the best games to come out in recent years, but like every other game, it has its own set of problems. While most games have no issues with an anti-cheat system, PUBG had a few bugs that needed to be fixed before they started kicking people out left and right. The developers knew this would happen eventually so they implemented a system that would kick anyone who was cheating off the server at first sight.

Is PUBG on PS4 free online?

Is PUBG on PS4 free online?

No. You can play the game online, but you’ll need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus in order to do so.

Why is PUBG on PS4 free online?

Sony is offering up the full version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for its subscribers at no additional cost—a pretty sweet deal if you ask us. Why not give it a shot? If you’re an Xbox One user and have been looking for a similar experience, don’t worry: Microsoft has got your back! The company released its own take on the genre called State of Decay 2: Daybreak Pack earlier this year, which includes all DLC content as well as two special guns inspired by Halo 5: Guardians’ Master Chief and Spartan Locke characters (more info).

Is PS Plus necessary?

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service. If you want to play online, you’ll need PlayStation Plus.

So does PUBG require PlayStation Plus? Well, sort of. It doesn’t require a PS Plus subscription to play the game offline, but if you’re planning on playing online and haven’t yet picked up a PS Plus membership, there’s no reason not to get one now as it’s currently only $60 for 12 months or about five bucks per month (assuming that you don’t cancel your membership). To make sure that your account is up-to-date with everything it needs in order to play PUBG with other players properly, go ahead and purchase that 12 month PS plus deal right now!

Do you need gold to play PUBG?

There are a few ways you can play PUBG for free on PS4.

  • You can play PUBG online, with friends and strangers alike, completely for free.
  • You can also download the game to your console and play solo or co-op without purchasing any gold or other paid content. This is an excellent way to get started with no previous experience necessary!

What games do you need PS Plus for?

PS Plus is a subscription service, and if you want to play online multiplayer games on PS4, you need it.

The benefits of PS Plus membership include:

  • A free PlayStation game every month for the duration of your subscription (which can be cancelled at any time)
  • Discounts on other titles in the PlayStation Store
  • Online multiplayer gaming – this is where things get interesting. You’ll only be able to play certain games online with a paid subscription so if you’re interested in playing any of these titles then make sure your membership has been renewed first!


In conclusion, the answer to our question is yes. You need PS Plus for PUBG if you want to play with other players outside of your friends list or invite them into your game. This is because it’s a multiplayer game which requires an internet connection so players can communicate with each other and play as a team against AI opponents. If you don’t have PS Plus then you will only be able to play against bots in singleplayer mode which has limited value unless you’re just looking for practice before jumping online with others!

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